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April 3 - Vista Bella Unveiled


After successful construction of our first project in Monterrey, KaTO has completed design for a new community center and health clinic to serve the Vista Bella community in Garcia.  The project will provide 5,000 families with healthcare and vocational education. 

February 15 - Dominican Republic Design Complete

KaTO, FNE International and the FUCPE Board of Trustees have published the first images of the new primary/secondary school, vocational center, and health clinic for the Villa Hermosa region of La Romana, Dominican Republic.  The project intends to serve as a catalyst for growth for the entire region by responding to many needs in a single architectural proposal.  

September 25 - San Francisco Commencement

The Mayor's office of Juárez, GP Vivienda, KaTO, and the community of San Francisco joined in a "first stone" ceremony for the new community center.  The community center will be the first building of the social program for the masterplan, and will provide 50,000 residents with classrooms, public gathering spaces, a health clinic, and other activities.  

July 27 - San Francisco Design Unveiled

KaTO and GP have released the first images of the new community center which will serve the San Francisco Community, outside of Monterrey, Mexico.  The project is planned to begin construction in December of 2016.

June 17 - San Francisco Community

KaTO has been awarded the masterplan project for the San Francisco Community, located outside of Monterrey, Mexico.  The design will begin early 2016, and KaTO will provide design for the social program, including: a community center, schools, and other public buildings.

APRIL 22 - KaTO in Monterrey

UDESIGN at Universidad de Monterrey (UDEM) brings together international designers from a range of disciplines for an annual conference.  Kyle Murphy addressed the college of Art, Architecture & Design, presenting the mission and projects of KaTO, his redirection from sports design to social interest architecture, and plans with Grupo Garza Ponce (GP) to respond to educational needs through local projects in Monterrey.

December 4 - Escuela Pavones Breaks Ground

KaTO has broken ground on the new Academy of Pavones, located near the Buenos Aires region of Costa Rica.  As KaTO's largest project to date, the project will be under construction into 2016.  The school will provide 3 classrooms, a new dining area, special education, and outdoor public space for the community.  

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